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A large selection of documents approved by professionals

About the docvadis® document library

A wide variety of documents:

More than 600 patient items, available in different formats such as documents, videos and calculators, covering a wide variety of specialities
Designed to be easy-to-use for patients to deliver accurate and reliable information.


  • Easy access to documents classified by specialty.
  • Search by specialty or by key word.
  • Access to documents to address patients needs precisely and answer the most common questions.
  • Create your own documents and publish them online

What you can do with patient documents?


  • Choose documents to put online according to your patients' needs.
  • Customise your website.
  • Add your own documents.
  • Remain the medical reference for your patient on the web.

Patient-doctor relationship

  • Send documents to patients by email, in PDF format.
  • Print documents before or during the consultation and give them to your patients.
  • Increase traffic to your website: more documents generate more interest.