Why docvadis®?

Services to enhance your relationship with your patients

Tools for you and your patients

Nowadays, you need a new way to communicate with your patients. Patients are taking ownership of their conditions and their diseases, and often browse the internet for medical advice. With docvadis®, you can now help them make the right choices from the often confusing possibilities on the web.

Key advantages for physicians:

  • Establish and maintain the relationship with your patients, even between consultations.
  • Access to a unique library of patient documents covering a wide range of therapeutic areas.
  • Reassurance that patient documents reviewed and approved by independent scientific committees.
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Flexible functionality to suit your practice
  • Enhanced communication with patients

Key advantages for patients:

  • Reliable medical information.
  • Health advice provided directly by your own doctor 24/7
  • Useful information about your doctor and their practice
  • Location maps, phone numbers and consulting hours
  • Reassurance of high-quality independent medical information selected by your doctor
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